About us

Hello! I am Shakeel, a dedicated angler and hunter who happens to have a passion for knives.

My Passion for knives.

Growing up in the cutlery capital of Pakistan, Wazirabad, knives had a substantial influence on me. My Dad was quite the hunter so he ended up acquiring a large collection of knives over his years. As a kid, when me and my Dad would go on hunting trips, he would always teach me the right way to skin the meat. These experiences are a crucial part of my childhood and make up the foundation of my passion for knives and hunting.

My Dad and my brother

My dad and younger brother ended up going into the cutlery business and have been running it for almost twenty-three years. They started off with just hunting knives and eventually broadened their reach to kitchen knives and flatware. Over these twenty-three years they have perfected their craft and mastered their design. I have decided to help them and introduce their products to a new market.

Me, on a hunting trip
in Pakistan, 2015

Why should you buy from Rahmat?

1We are a Canadian Company

Rahmat Cutlery is a registered Canadian company currently located in Victoria, British Columbia.
                 Customer Satisfaction is our first priority.

2 Products are always in stock

All our products are fulfilled by hand, without relying on a 3rd party ensuring that they are always in stock.

3 We maintain product quality

Over twenty three years of experience in the cutlery business ensures that all our products are of the highest quality.